Tree of Goats Released

Deliciously deep-fried bouncy pop, stripped-down rock reflection, and even a classical anime soundtrack song all combine to paint a technicolor poster for your ears. This is our second album, following 2010's Sack of Badgers.

Tree Of Goats cover

High Road video released

Not trying to be better than anyone but me.

Pictures Of You video released

Someone special is haunting your thoughts...

Chimichanga Fix video released

Sometimes you can only be satisfied by deep-fried meat and cheese.

About Us

Wonderfuzzy is a studio project with current main contributors:

  • Lindsay Hilts - lead vocals
  • Ken Hilts - instruments, backup vocals, production


Many people have given us love, advice, encouragement, and pie.
Thanks so much to Lori, Sydney, our Google+ and Facebook fans, and the forum members at REAPER.